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SSL Certificate Installation Service

Why do it yourself? Let one of our SSL experts install your new SSL Certificate!

After researching the market inside out, you have stumbled upon an SSL certificate that is just perfect for you. You got through the purchasing and vetting process and the CA has issued the certificate for you. What now? Installing your SSL certificate going to be a bit smoother for you if you have any technical knowledge, but if you are not tech-savvy then you have probably gone through long paragraphs of installation process. And here’s the catch! You are still not completely sure you get it. You have paid the full price, you have gone through a rigorous market reading, your time for bothering is over. Hand it to us, we will take care of the installation process. We will deal with all the stress that comes free with installing SSL certificate on your website. We garner an entire team of SSL experts who have been doing this since years. We are sure they don’t suffer from headaches as you might while installing the certificate. Our SSL installation service is streamlined, designed especially to take care of the necessary tasks with utmost awareness.

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Sell Price $19.99
Installtion Service

Takes just minutes!

What feels like an unresolved maze of installation steps to you is a cakewalk for our SSL experts as they have accomplished it thousands of times and that too, on all the popular servers. All you need to do is set up a time and they will be there for you to install the certificate.

Saves you time and headaches

Whether you install it yourself or get it done by some “IT person”, it brings hassles and headaches which you are not supposed to take. Ditch all of this and come to us. We know the right steps, we have the right team, we have the right workflow.

We have years of experience

Our experienced members hold regarded expertise when it comes to tackling anything related to SSL. They will not only help you find your way out of it but will put in their suggestions too.

Support from start to finish

You may need help in generating your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), in expediting your purchase order and even in installing it on your server. The list goes endless in terms of where you might get stuck. Don’t worry! We are there for you via phone, live chat, anything. Leave it on us.

We offer two methods to purchase our SSL installation service. You can order our SSL installation service as a bundled product or as a standalone product. When you select the SSL certificate you wish to buy from us, you will be presented with the option to purchase our installation service, if available. You can order it along with the purchase of your SSL. The second option is to purchase it as a standalone product, if you've already purchased your SSL from somewhere else and now want to buy our SSL certificate installation service, you can do so from this page. All you need to do after purchasing the certificate is to purchase our SSL Installation Service and schedule the time to work with a team member. Even this streamlined process can be done in 3 ways.

  • Via remote access to your server/hosting
  • Via a screen-sharing session
  • Via a phone-call

In order to get this premium SSL Installation Service, all you need to do is enter the required information on the product page and add it to your cart and purchase it like any other product. The service will be accessible from the dashboard as any other regular order. After the issuance of the certificate, click on the “Schedule” button, request the ideal time for performing the installation. After that, a dedicated SSL specialist will contact you and assist you to proceed further.

In order to do SSL installation on your server/hosting account, we require your hosting account/server credentials. If you do not want to reveal your hosting/server username and password, we encourage you to change it temporarily whilst we install your certificate.

Please note that we do not store any sensitive information (i.e. username, password etc) that you provide to us. All sensitive data will be completely deleted from our database after completion of your SSL installation.

In the event, if our SSL installation expert unable to install the SSL Certificate, we will cancel your order and refund the associated payment you've made for the SSL installation service.

When you purchase our SSL installation service, it is included with generating CSR, Domain validation (if applicable) and SSL certificate installation. Please note that this service covers the installation of one certificate on one server. If you want to have an SSL certificate installed on multiple servers, then the charges will be imposed accordingly.

Please read through some important question’s answers about our SSL installation service below.

What are the charges of this SSL Installation Service?

The cost to install one certificate on one server is $19.99. We offer a discounted rate of $15.00 for each additional server.

How many certificates am I allowed to install using this service?

Every time you purchase this service, you are availing it for only one certificate. If you wish to install multiple certificates, then you are bound to buy multiple of this service.

How many servers can I install the certificate on? Can I add more servers?

The standard installation service (for $19.99) covers one certificate on one server. If you wish to add servers to this list, for each server you add, you must pay an extra of $15.00.

Do I need to be present or get involved during the installation process?

This is a service and not a product, hence your involvement becomes crucial at some or the other point. You, at least, will have to actively participate in scheduling time for the entire process to be undertaken.

I renewed my certificate. Can I purchase installation service?

Yes! This service works equally for a new as well as for a renewed certificate order.

What types of SSL certificate installation is included?

Whether you've DV, OV, EV, Multi-domain or Wildcard certificate. Our SSL expert can install your SSL Certificate professionally at your own convenience.

We’re pioneer SSL store which offers SSL certificates at much lower prices. We are an associate and elite partners of well-known CA brands, thus we buy SSL certificates in bulk at an extremely discounted price and pass those savings to our most valued customers.