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CSR Decoder

Verify Whether The CSR Contains The Right Information Or Not

A Certificate Signing Request is a crucial element when it comes to getting an SSL certificate issued

When it comes to getting an SSL certificate issued, a certificate signing request (also known as CSR or certification request) is a key element.

It is an encoded text block that holds information about the company (e.g. common name, organization, country etc.), the Certificate Authority (CA) will use this information to build your SSL Certificate.

Once the CSR generation is complete, it’s tricky to verify what information is contained as it uses encoded format. As certificate authorities uses the information contained CSR to create the certificate, it’s more likely a pre-requisite to check whether the information provided in CSR is accurate or not.

CSR Decoder tool is a valued tool to confirm whether the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) holds the correct information or not.

Once you have created your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you can verify the contents of your CSR with the CSR Checker below.

Please note that your CSR should start with:


and end with:


Note: There should be five dashes on either side of both prompts.

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