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Online Government Databases

Organization validation and Extended validation SSL/TLS certificates play a major role in increment of user engagement. The reason behind is high-grade authentication techniques used to verify the organization. For code signing also, a company’s or individual’s legitimacy is checked without any compromise.

The Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the information that you deliver to them by matching it with online government database. The database contains information such as physical address of the company, status of registration, company’s contact details, and operationality in the market.

Whatever you send them in the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and notarized enrollment form must match with the government data, and only after that certificate will be issued to your company/business/organization. If you want to check what data government holds about you or your company, you can proceed by clicking on one of the links listed below according to your location.

US Corporation Databases (by State)

International Corporation Databases (by country/region)