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Safeguard your multiple domains
with a green address bar and tell visitors that your site is safe

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL

2 additional SAN included

Green Address Bar for all your domains with a single certificate

The Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL (sometimes also referred as EV MDC SSL) is the prefect cost-effective way for online businesses looking to secure multiple websites with a single certificate. Like regular EV certificate, this Extended Validation MDC SSL activates most trusted GREEN ADDRESS BAR with a strong 2048-bit signatures along with full 256-bit encryption. Secure up to 250 fully qualified domain names on a single certificate and save thousands of dollars over the cost of individual EV certificates. Strengthen your e-commerce security and fight phishing attacks, with just one Multi-domain EV Certificate.

  • Extended Validation Extended Validation
  • Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly
  • Green Address Bar Green Address Bar
  • Comodo Site Seal Site Seal

Total Domains :3


Sell Price $285.00
30 Days Money Back

Green Address Bar

Establish a trust with your online visitors with a green address bar. This certificate triggers high-end security web browsers to display a trust-building green address bar with the organization name to whom SSL issued and the name of the Certificate Authority (CA) that issued it.

Extended Validation and Multiple Domain

An EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate from Comodo requires full organization validation along with a domain ownership verification and secures up to 250 different domain names. It takes Comodo, about 1-7 working days to validate and issue the certificate.


Comodo backs the certificate with a huge warranty of $1750000. It commits to compensate the losses in cases of failure. Not only this, if the customer isn’t satisfied with the certificate, Comodo refunds the money within 30 days of the purchase.


Comodo ensuring the broadest browser compatibility offers browser and phone recognition up to 99.9%. EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate makes the browsing experience easy and trouble free.

Convenient and Cost Efficient

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates guards different domain names with a single SSL. Hence, it saves a lot of money as you don’t have to buy and install individual certificates.

Green Address Bar

The Green Address Bar is the highest security indicator in web security. An EV Multi-domain activates the trust building green address bars on up to 250 different domain names.

Site Seal

The popular Comodo Site Seal is included with every purchase of EV Multi-Domain. This “Comodo Secure” site seal is static as this is MDC SSL.

  • Protect up to 250 domains with 1 certificate
  • Green address bar on all sites
  • $1,750,000 warranty
  • SGC Capable
  • Encryption strength up to 256-bit
  • Free unlimited server licenses
  • Unlimited reissuance
  • Free Comodo Site Seal
  • Browser recognition rate of 99.9%

Since this certificate type is extended validation, the company or business must have to undergo a domain ownership verification and organization validation process set by Comodo before the certificate issued. The whole vetting process will typically take between 1-5 business days.

Comodo is a pioneer player in the security industry. Thus, all its product line matches the NIST and CAB Forum industry standards. EV Multi-Domain SSL secures multiple domains with 2048-bit signatures along with full 256-bit encryption.

You can secure up to 250 different domains or sub-domains with a single EV multi domain certificate. Each of your sites will display the most trusted green address bar to your customers or clients.

This certificate is mobile-friendly and claims an incredible 99.9% browser recognition rate.

This extended validation MDC comes with a $1,750,000 warranty level. You will be compensated by Comodo in case of loss or damages happen due to a flaw in the SSL.

The Comodo includes most trusted static “Comodo Secure” Site Seal with every EV multi domain SSL. Display this trust building Site Seal on your domains and boost your customers’ trust.

Comodo is doubtlessly the premier Certificate Authority in the entire industry. Comodo is a name people trust and recognize. Comodo has made cybersecurity easy and user-friendly. One of the things companies and individuals entirely love about Comodo is that there is a solution customized for every need and price point, making the name Comodo weighty in the world.

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